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01:07am 02/02/2013
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08:19pm 10/06/2012
  I have to make a real entry later (so many things happened in the last couple weeks! ALL THE THINGS), but here are the Motherland and Kraken comics!

(click the images to read the comics, or they're also on tumblr)

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12:38pm 15/05/2012
  Have any of you used/heard of the Monoprice graphics tablets? There's a 10x6" and a 12x9" and I'm seeing people rave about them that they're even better than the Intuos/Cintiq (for a lot less money). There have never been really competitive alternatives to Wacom, so I'm really curious if it's true!  

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03:14pm 14/03/2012
  Aw man!! I finally got my confirmation email (after a month of being a more than a little a nervous wreck), so I have news!!

1) I have a half-table at this year's MoCCA, my first time selling at a convention! I will have the four minicomics you've already seen, plus two new ones and some business cards I think people will dig.

I went back and forth about this for months, but I waited to see how much I got done by the end of January/beginning of February, and I had 5 comics done by then, so I went for it. I'm really excited to do this, and nervous, but everything worth doing is ill-advised!

2) I have a website! http://zanzibarzebras.com

After wanting one since 1998! It is all legitimate and everything! Please check it out and let me know what you think! And let me know if you have any problems with the website. (I already know the about/catband pages don't display properly in IE-- on that note, if anyone here is good at coding or knows someone who is, I am willing to pay someone to clean up/fix my code, so let me know!)

Aaaah guys oh my god this is ridiculous

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06:09pm 02/02/2012
  Boardwalk yeti designs/sketchesCollapse )

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12:15am 02/02/2012
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06:54pm 01/02/2012
New minicomic, called Boardwalk!

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08:39pm 01/12/2011
  Hello, guys! Here is a new minicomic, called Happy Birthday!

And just because, here is a little of my concept art of Engineer Eddie and the robot Abomatron and the unbearably nerdy backstory for "Space Train 3000" that no one needed but I wrote NONETHELESS

SPACE TRAIN 3000Collapse )

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01:45am 21/10/2011

Fantasy Baseball, a minicomic!! Click the image to read it. It really only works on paper, and it was incredibly challenging, but I had a blast making it and I hope you guys have fun with it too. Happy postseason!

I included closeups too so you guys can go all Where’s Waldo at my 500 dopey little baseball people. I slipped so many things in there. :)

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12:41am 25/08/2011
  The Ettes music video I was an extra in has magically appeared!

It's hilarious, and I'm so happy I got to be a tiny part of it. The Ettes are the NICEST bunch of people as well as a really fantastic rocking band, and I wish them all the success they deserve! Check out the new album "Wicked Will" if you dig it!

(There is also a teeny cartoon of me at 3:21 by Zack Soto. I am TICKLED)

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06:31pm 16/08/2011
  And here's the rest (mostly Catband stuff this time):


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05:29am 16/08/2011
  I feel like today is a responsible day, with responsible phonecalls and responsible emails and responsible waiting for Miss Foot Powder and Mr Cube to drive up from Philly without getting themselves killed by the monsoon (they got here OK!) so we can play RISK with Kitty in My Pockets,

so to get the alarming pile of sketchbooks off my responsible desk, here is a lot of doodles and sketches and life drawing and odd art things, 2010-now (in no particular order):


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09:26pm 30/07/2011
  Art post! I finally finished up the last six "men and their vegetables" Catband kids. Most of these were originally sketched in 2010! They needed to move out!

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with a little help from my friends   
04:35am 08/04/2011
  It's done! All ready for copying, cutting and stapling funtimes tomorrow!

With a Little Help From My Friends (a minicomic!)Collapse )

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everyone you know is half asleep   
07:22pm 27/03/2011
  The character design class I was taking met for the last time this morning. It was great, but I am so glad to not have assignments hanging over me anymore. And unbelievably tired!

Here's my final work, which I mostly drew chilling on the floor with Mickey this week! Mickey is the best little bro. He's not doing well, but he seems happy and he's getting lots of snuggles. We're watching him.

HUNTING THE KRAKEN!!! (lots of art)Collapse )

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02:34pm 02/03/2011
  It gutted me finding out about Dwayne McDuffie's death. Static Shock was a big influence on me, so there was no way I wasn't going to contribute something to Project Rooftop's tribute. He was such a great dude, and man, it's hard to realize we're getting to the point that not just the old-timers but young working comics people you admire are dying.

Static redesignCollapse )

EDIT: updated it! Should have been bolder with parts of the design, but I'm just glad I could contribute my little bit.

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since I was a baby I have always been this way (man! this song)   
04:02pm 24/02/2011
  Our longtime assignment in this class is designing three "kraken catchers" and using shapes and applying all we learn to the designs. Of course people are doing crazy pirate stuff, but I have all these ideas like "kraken owes the mob money," "ambitious sushi chefs," "reclusive author kraken sending out novels in bottles, pursued by paparazzi," and my favorite, "awesome tattooist kraken, decorating all the creatures of the sea with his ink and beak," but I don't know who pursues him, BME-zine?

I don't think I could play anything straight if my life depended on it.

Art-- spacekitties, Norwegians, highlanders, space explorersCollapse )

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05:02am 19/02/2011
  So Project Rooftop's theme this round was Aquaman! Aquaman is my bro and even though I am typically a lurky lurker with PR because everyone is amazing and I am not, I CANNOT REFUSE THE CALL OF MY FISHIE FRIEND. The teacher of our class suggested we submit something to the contest, but I just wanted to draw lots of Aquaman anyway.

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04:10pm 09/02/2011
  This morning was ridiculous. Presale tix for LCD Soundsystem's final show went onsale at 10 online and at the Mercury Lounge box office (no $15 fees). Charles and his friends got on line at some ridiculous time and I met them later. The line went all the way around the block past Piano's to Essex again (3/4 of the way around a city block). The first person in line was there from 345 in the morning. And it was ten degrees. But hey, we got our tickets! People were ready to jump you for those tickets, man: GA floor pit (on stubhub those are going for $450/ticket and up right now). People are shitting themselves right now raging about the online presale and ticketmaster conspiracies, and I am just, OK guys. It should be a really fun show! But jesus christ that cold was ridiculous. You literally had to come home and thaw out your toes.

LCD line COLD PEOPLE doodlesCollapse )

Lots of sleeping bags, snuggies, ridiculous ski gear, people fighting about who may or may not be cutting the line, grizzled old scalpers. I also enjoyed the many people taking pictures, filming and taking notes about the line. OK bros, I see. Also there was a boombox playing "Don't Stop Believing" around the corner! A quality East Village scene.

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02:48pm 07/02/2011
  The "Moves" video is finally up! It's so great you guys. I love how it blows all expectations of how ridiculous it could be completely out of the water.

...It's really weird looking at my face here.

about the taping!Collapse )

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